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Nikolina ČAKALJ
   Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nikolina was born in the city of Gradiska on 19 October 2007.

She is in the sixth grade of “Saint Sava” School and in the third year of guitar studies at “Branko Smiljanic” Music School.

She began singing at a very young age.

When she was five, Nikolina joined the cultural and arts society “Dukati”.

In 2015, she was first in the “Folklore” category at the XII International Festival of Children’s Folklore (Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

In 2017, Nikolina won the Audience Award at the International Children Music Contest “Djurdjevdan Festival” (Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina), III Prize at the International Children Song Festival (Kikinda, Serbia) and the International Children Festival “Magic Flute” (Zagreb, Croatia).

She takes part in school performances, performs in concert programs.

Nikolina enjoys reading and prose writing. Her literary works has brought her awards and recognitions at various competitions. In her spare time she likes walking and cycling with her friends.